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Full Body Stretch

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Full Body Stretch By Kelly Mac This 24 min guided stretch sequence is Choreographed, Performed and Taught by Kelly Mac.


You will need a comfy space to move, a wall or vertical surface and your body. The sequence starts by getting into our extremities (wrists and ankles), stretches the upper body, gently moves the spine then gets deep into the hips.


Stretching, eliminates pain, improves mobility, optimises performance and is an amazing way to relieve stress and tension throughout the entire body.


Listen to Kelly’s voice as she guides you through a beautiful stretch for the whole body leaving you feeling amazing, light and mobile.


This sequence is played without music – so you can play your favourite playlist in the background and stretch to whatever you’d like to listen to use as a daily stretch session, mindful practice or 2-3 x a week as an active recovery session if you are already very physically active.


7 reviews for Full Body Stretch

  1. Janet Ruffin

    Another great video and purchase! Every time I do this video I get so sore… a good sore! It’s fantastic to have Kelly in my home… especially since I live on the other side of the world! Her skills are fabulous!

  2. Jessica Jones

    This has been amazing! Very easy to follow with at home equipment. I am not a fan of stretching and will avoid it at all costs however this video is changing my perspective and has taught me heaps of new things! Worth the money guys 🙂

  3. Alex

    El estiramiento guiado por Kelly es lo máximo. Mi postura ha mejorado muchísimo, además me siento mucho mas relajada después de hacer esta sesión 🙂

  4. Alicia

    I just recently purchased this video after following Kelly’s live stretches on Instagram. I follow through the stretches every morning and some evenings too and absolutely LOVE it! She makes everything very easy to understand and offers different options for someone looking to get a deeper stretch or someone who might not quite be there yet.

  5. Anna

    Great stretching sequence that covers all the major areas. Whenever I finish I feel as though I have a new pair of hips and can take on the world! Would highly recommend. The video is easy to follow with clear instructions and leaves you feeling relaxed when you didn’t even realise you were tense.

  6. Michelle

    This is a great addition to anyone’s routine! I’ve integrated this 1-2x/day and feel better after a workout/a day’s work! Kelly is easy to follow and the program really treats the whole body!

  7. Kiri Tairi

    Good, challenging routine. Especially appreciate the deeper hip and shoulder stretches which have been long-term problem areas for me. Doing everyday, sometimes twice a day if there is tightness, and always feel great afterwards. Has been an excellent addition to my exercise program.

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