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Hip Relief

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A 30 Minute Class:

Stretching, Stability and Strength training for Hip Injuries and Imbalances, whether you are prehabing or rehabbing the niggles in your Hips you will benefit from this class – this one is very near and dear to my heart, my gymnastics career ending injury in my hip (Massive Labrum tear) has been restored to full function by incorporating classes like this weekly. I’m able to go through my everyday life without pain, I’ve increased my quality of life and the functionality of my hip improves daily! I could not recommend it more! You’ll need a block, mini band loop and a thick band loop.


1 review for Hip Relief

  1. Stacey

    Hip relief is so good. I highly recommend this video for anyone who suffers from tight hips; as someone who suffers from tight hips, this video continues to be extremely beneficial to do. I usually do this before strength training and it has improved my form for lifting completely. My range of motion and squat depth is much better. Hands down this video is a must for anyone with tight hips!

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