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Lower Back Relief

(4 customer reviews)


Stretching, Stability and Strengthening – For a permanent solution to your Pain


2 Videos:

Video 1 LOWER BACK RELIEF – Stretching Set (13mins)
Equipment needed: Pillow or Yoga Block, wall or vertical surface

Video 2 LOWER BACK RELIEF – Stability & Strengthening Sets (15mins)
Equipment needed: 1 x Rubber Band loop, 1 x Yoga Block


If you don’t have the equipment, no need to worry- you can still do exercises with Bodyweight and in your own time build up to the equipment based exercises.


Lower Back Relief is my most requested tutorial because it is the most common Injury or area of Persistent Pain


Lower back pain can come from tight hips, immobility through the spine, compressed nerves and or a weak core / pelvic floor muscles


The Stretch tutorial will help develop flexibility through your hips and thoracic spine. This can be done every day


The Stability / Strengthening Tutorial with help you strengthen the stabilising muscles in your Pelvis – to help control your movements throughout the day


This is to be performed after the stretching tutorial every other day


As always, move with intention, stay within a pain-free range and consult with your physician prior to starting a new exercise regimen &/or if you are experiencing significant low back pain.


4 reviews for Lower Back Relief

  1. Christopher Etienne

    Great video, super convenient to be able to do this on my own time!

  2. Janet Ruffin

    I LOVE this video! It’s a guided video that leaves your back stretched and warm in the first video. The second video then goes into strength building for the lower back! This video package is amazing and I definitely have been able to feel relief in my back!

  3. Holly Jacobs

    LOVE, love, love how Kelly explains each stretch, how to get into position, where to push, where you should feel release…..and most importantly how to breathe in the stretch!! HRV has been increasing since I started doing her stretch routines regularly!!

  4. Grace Schroder

    Loved these videos! Super easy to follow and my back was feeling so much better after. Perfect to do in between work to release your lower back 🙂

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