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Open by Kelly Mac

(11 customer reviews)



A General Stretching Guide Containing:


Flexibility, Mobility and Stretching Explained


Benefits of stretching


Types of stretching


The Nervous System and Breathing


How to stretch: Stretches for all major areas of the Body: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


Beginner Stretching Program


Intermediate Stretching Program


Advanced Stretching Program


Hip Openers


Upper Body Openers and Spinal Mobility


A great guide to stretching, mobility, flexibility and how to achieve it for all levels.


11 reviews for Open by Kelly Mac

  1. Janet Ruffin

    This was one of the first products I purchased from Kelly and it is fantastic! Anytime I want to find a stretch it’s just a tap away! Thought and inclusive! You’ll only be sorry if you don’t buy this e-book!

  2. Roshan

    I consider myself to be quite active with regular gym visits and sports, but having a desk job for ten years has given me back and hip issues.

    I’ve been using this ebook for two months and have seen a significant improvement in my mobility. My back pain has disappeared and my squat range has improved. I highly recommend buying the ebook. It’s a small price to pay to reverse the effects of sitting for long periods of time.

  3. Matt

    Kelly is a stretching wizard and this guide is the perfect balance of knowledge and practical advice. I use the routines almost daily and have been seeing amazing progress not just in my flexibility but the way my body feels and moves during everyday life and training. Kelly truely cares about the positive effect she has on people and their bodies – you really feel that as you work through these routines. Couldn’t recommend it more.

  4. Kim Wall

    I am a Les Mills instructor, teaching multiple programs every week. Stretching has always been that thing I tell myself to do, but in reality, never get round to. Heading into Lockdown I had muscle imbalances and joint niggles, that combined with my autoimmune disorder, had left me physically drained.

    Taking advantage of the Covid Lockdown, I decided to change my exercise routine completely, centering it around daily stretching using Kelly’s ebook, Open, and walking.

    Fast forward 4 weeks and my body was responding in ways I didn’t think was possible. Joint swelling disappeared, I was energised and my body was feeling balanced.

    I highly recommend Kelly’s programmes. They are accessible for all ages and abilities.

  5. Sibylle Renshaw

    I was looking for a long time for stretches which actually work and improve my mobility – This book gives you everything you need . Just love it!

  6. Sarah

    Kelly is a genius. I’ve always wanted to achieve good flexibility but never really knew where to begin. Kellys guides are now my go to.

  7. Rachna Patel

    I really like Kelly’s style of teaching. The way she explains the stretches and the combinations she has created has really helped me. I never used to stretch and since I started using her e books and videos it’s like my body is unstoppable. I now love stretching. Alot of us only focus on the workout only and the stretch is a 5 minute thing. Kelly teaches you why stretching is so important and it’s benefits you actually enjoy it!
    Totally recommend all her e books and videos, it’s a small cost for a lifetime of flexibility (if you put the effort in)!

  8. Peter Robinson

    Kelly has really helped me with my stretching and mobility, even my chiro was impressed at the difference/ improvement. This book allows me to really focus on the areas I need to whenever I have the time.
    During the Covid lockdown, I was struggling to keep up with training and I bought the book which got me back on track
    I recommend this for everyone and anyone, no matter what your fitness level or age, it will really really help you

  9. Ana Howe

    Awesome Job!

  10. Victoria

    One of the best purchases I have ever made. This has been transformative in enabling me to train better and harder without injury, and additionally the mental benefits I’ve experienced using this stretching guide outweigh all of the physical benefits.

  11. Megan Balsdon

    I started following Kelly on social media over the summer after being introduced to LES MILLS Stretch. I was so excited to discover that, in addition to the phenomenal LM Stretch on LMOD, she offered a wide variety of e-books and videos so that I could to continue to expand my stretching knowledge! As a LES MILLS Instructor based in the US, it is fantastic to have access to these thoughtful, well-crafted resources, which have already had an incredible impact on how I recover from the classes I teach, as well as my own workouts. 100% recommend buying this e-book – it is an investment in yourself and your overall quality of fitness/life!

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