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Posture Reset 2.0


A 30min class to correct the adaptations of poor posture, neck pain, shoulder injuries and a weak posterior chain. For this zero impact and low intensity class you will need a long resistance band (or towel), a mini band loop and a foam roller (short or long).

Poor Posture comes from immobile postures, sitting, standing or just being in the same posture for a long time, this will create degeneration of our muscles, compensations and imbalances.

The adaptive nature of our bodies means that we adapt to poor posture which stretches out/weakens our back muscles/posterior chain and tightens our chest/anterior chain causing all sorts of pain and imbalances.

In this class we stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak to balance our posture out and by doing this take care of our overloaded neck / traps and rounded / potentially injured shoulders perform this sequence 2-3 x a week for best results.



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