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Posture Reset

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Video 1 Posture Reset – Stretch (11mins)
Equipment needed: 1 x long resistance band, Dowel Rod, or towel


Video 2 Posture Reset – Stability & Strength (13mins)
Equipment needed: 1 x long resistance band, Dowel Rod, or towel, 1 x Rubber Band loop, 1 x Yoga Block, 1 x DB (1,2,3kg)


Do you sit for the majority of your day with poor posture? Tight hips? Shoulder and or Neck Pain? Headaches? Sleepy Glutes? Weak Core? Poor Stability? If you answered Yes to any of these, then you NEED this Tutorial


In this day and age we all sit too much, the average human sits between 6-8 hours a day, the adaptive nature of our bodies means that we adapt to poor posture which stretches out / weakens our back muscles and tightens our chest causing all sorts of pain / imbalances.


These adaptations can become detrimental to our Structure and Postural Awareness, becoming more aware of your posture is the first step to improving it, the second is stretching to release the tight muscles pulling us out of position (demonstrated in the 1st video, 11mins), the third is stabilising the shoulder joint and strengthening the postural muscles to help maintain great posture (demonstrated in the 2nd video, 13mins).


Perform Stretching DAILY and Stability / Strength after STRETCHING every other day for best results.


This sequence is played without music – so you can play your favourite playlist in the background and move to whatever you’d like to listen to.


4 reviews for Posture Reset

  1. Jessica Jones

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Me and my partner do it (he more than me) and a noticeable improvement with my posture has been the result of doing it 2 to 3 times a week!

    Very easy to follow and do at home with minimal equipment. It is nice having someone to follow and tell me what to do, otherwise i get too bored and will not stretch. It would be great if they videos went for longer and had another set that you coached us through as i am not disciplined enough to do it myself but other than that, it is the best!

  2. Christopher Etienne

    Great stretch video!

  3. Anna

    Great little sequence to stretch after a day at the desk and build strength to *try* and not hunch over the laptop the next day!
    Would definitely recommend as a low impact and easy way to stretch and build strength little by little each day.

  4. Stacey

    This video is amazing and will help correct poor posture. Highly recommend for anyone who suffers with poor posture and a tight neck.

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